Why More Good Things Don’t Always Happen to Good People!

You’d think they deserve better – right? Well, here are some idle thoughts of an idle fellow:

Now, this is a perspective worth thinking about –

Many times we are held back from venturing out into a new undertaking, a new project, a new investment, etc. – because we think, “What if it doesn’t work?” or “It’ll never work! If this worked, there would be so many others at it already!” Or “What if it fails?” Or – even worse and damning: “What if I fail?” And so, although initially excited and charged up about an idea, we fold up our thinking caps and put them away in the closet and decide to “focus on the present” – go on with life as usual – and don’t allow ourselves the luxury to dream big, settling for the mediocre – thereby depriving the world of a great new product/project/undertaking which could have made a positive impact from which many could have benefited.

However, how about we look at the future differently? Since the future hasn’t yet happened, essentially everything you say (or anyone else says) about it is not really true – whether negative or positive. In other words, it’s a LIE (a bit of a strong word, but it’s needed to make an impact ).

Think about it: everything you tell yourself about the future is technically a LIE – until it happens. Agreed? It’s mere speculation. Unless it’s something very basic like – “Today’s Saturday, and tomorrow is Sunday”. That’s the truth, but nothing earth-shattering about that.

Coming back to our argument, since it’s a lie anyway, why not tell ourselves a good one, a positive one, since invariably, our attitudes determine our altitude?

Remember: the Fear of Failure is a LIE – a BAD LIE.

A defeatist attitude starting out on any project/venture/enterprise is already doomed to failure, because it’ll always hold you back. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy – destined to fail – because at the end, you will always say: “See? I told you so! I knew it will never work!” And so, we go through life – believing a lie that hadn’t happened yet – but we believed in it, and it became true for us.

And each new subsequent “failure” only further reinforces this – so we never dare to venture out – from the beaten path – the “tried and proven” – because we want to play it “safe” and don’t ever take a risk.

But a positive “Can Do” attitude will go a long way towards making that effort successful, simply because the battle is first won in the mind. And so, each “success” breeds more successes and it starts to form a pattern – a belief system that is reinforced further with each success.

When Michelangelo was building one of the greatest statues of all time: David – he built David as a giant – towering above humans. When asked why this larger-than-life interpretation, he replied that although David was a young shepherd boy, once he made the decision to stand up against the giant Goliath, he became a giant in his own right. The statue was only a depiction of the inner spiritual reality.

As they say: It’s not the size of the dog in a fight that counts, but the size of the fight in the dog.

So why don’t more good things happen to good people? This is why: they don’t allow themselves the luxury to believe that it just might work. Why think defeatedly? The future hasn’t happened yet – so if you take on a defeatist attitude, you’re believing a lie. Why not believe in a positive one – since you’ll never know unless you try! Remember, your attitude will determine your altitude.


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